What is Dance/Movement Therapy

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Dance/movement therapy is the use of movement in psychotherapy. Dance/movement therapists are trained in movement observation and analysis, kinesthetic empathy and in the conscious use of body language. Creativity and soulfulness in therapy are rooted in artistic expertise in the principles and practices of dance techniques and choreography. Dance/movement therapists build the psychotherapeutic relationship through psychodynamic movement interventions, in addition to the verbal process with clients. The whole client, body and mind, including verbal and nonverbal streams of experiencing and expression, participates in the therapy. Dance/movement therapists work in a wide variety of settings, including mental health, education and wellness programs and in private practice. Clients with all levels of physical and cognitive abilities and deficits benefit from dance/movement therapy, because the techniques and nonverbal communication methods used by the movement therapist are specific to clients’ needs and capacities.

Christine Hopkins, MA, ADTR
Psychotherapy & Counseling
Dance/movement Therapy & the Arts
Seattle, WA

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