What is Music Therapy

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-Music Therapy is the use of music as a therapeutic medium to produce a positive change in behavior that endures over time. chiquita5331@yahoo.com

~There are so many ways to define, describe, and explain this amazing field of Music Therapy. For me, music therapy is a way to provide a non-threatening environment for growth. It’s an avenue through which I can touch my clients emotionally, on their own personal level of need. Music is a medium, rather than or in addition to traditional verbal therapy, through which my clients can acquire language, learn pro-social behaviors, develop communication skills, improve self-concept, gain or regain a sense of self-control, and express themselves intuitively. Music Therapy is an extremely gratifying career, yet one which requires intense training and on-going professional development. lora@mybabyfingers.com

~Music Therapy is the utilization of music, including listening to it and creating it, in a rehabilitative or educational setting, in order to meet specific wellness goals of an individual or group. VIOLAJEN@aol.com

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