What is Psychodrama?

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One of the earliest of the “arts” therapies was psychodrama, a method for exploring a wide range of problems using role playing. Invented in the late 1930s by J. L. Moreno, M.D. (1889-1974), this method was only one aspect of a general approach which included group psychotherapy (Moreno coined the term in 1931!), an action-oriented attitude at a time when the only major alternative was classical psychoanalysis.
There have been a number of recent books on the subject, one of the more current being Blatner’s “Acting-In” (from Springer Publishers)– which is richly referenced for other sources. Blatner also wrote an article in The Arts in Psychotherapy (journal) in mid-1997 about this approach.

More can be learned by checking the web site of the national psychodrama association at www.asgpp.org or emailing to asgpp@asgpp.org

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